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Work and Family redefined

What is this new normal of remote working, homeschooling and how can we manage it all?

This new normal post COVID - 19 is becoming more and more interesting.

I hear from friends, colleagues and clients how their relationships are changing. From a post-industrial area onwards we have become very familiar with separating work and home lives. Now in post-COVID 19, we are challenged with the fact that both are happening in the same space physical space. We find ourselves having negotiated our workspace and time with our family members.

Children most likely understand this new world even less than our adult housemates/ partners. So how to negotiate this new world? Me personally, I am actually finding a  lot of beauty in amongst the challenge. Here are some great examples that make my heart sing:A client realised that he never had a walk with his wife. Now he takes a walk every day with her.

The children need to get out of the house and parents are forced to spend more time with them. And that is not the usual one parent. Now both parents are at home and both have this forced opportunity to spend some quality time with each other and their children. We are starting to get pretty overloaded with too much screen time as all work now happens via virtual connections.

The yearning for physical connections rises and we find new ways of hanging out with the small community that we are isolating with. We discover board games, house music, house yoga, dance session, creative session and outdoor exercises again. So there are many silver linings. What are yours? How has your life changed?Is this a time that gives us an opportunity to redefine how we work?

Can we do this same amount of work in fewer hours and spend some time with our loved once and in nature instead?We still have some more time in isolation to figure this out and I hope we will get some insights on the way that will change our lives forever. There are some many great viewpoints in these times that are giving me hope.

Here is one that I love: “Nature is asserting itself. It sent us to our rooms to think about what we have done.” Does the planet have an opportunity here to restore balance by giving us this virus? In one of my meetings the other day I found myself recording all the powerful question that we were sitting with when we checked in with each other on how we were.

I like to share some here for your reflection in isolation if you like: How do we adapt?What do I love doing? What bores me ‘shitless’?What am I inspired to do? What would be most impactful to do? Is there another way of looking at this? What needs to be healed?How can we radiate health? How do we move forward together in a different way?

Enjoy your Wednesday. Simone

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Simone Maus is an experienced facilitator and trainer of facilitators. She has worked with experienced and emerging facilitators all over the world in government, business and community sectors. Her expertise lie within workshop design, coaching programmes and training programmes for workshop and meeting facilitators with any level of experience.

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