Bringing worlds together through facilitation.

We have worked with a diverse range of clients from many sectors & industries.
Why we do what we do.

Facilitating collective-decision making is not always easy.

But it doesn’t have to be hard. With the right knowledge, support & a proven framework you can proactively overcome these common pitfalls faced by facilitators.

Being challenged by dominant voices and personalities in the group.

Feeling energetically drained and burned out.

Failing to keep attention of your audience and feeling disconnected to the group in online meetings.

Not knowing how to unpack conflict and disagreement effectively.

Feeling alone in your journey with no peer support and debrief.

Lack of knowledge how to translate participatory processes into an online environment.

Simone running a facilitator mastermind group in a garden.
What we deliver

Results focused strategies that enable facilitators to upskill & teams to collaborate effectively.

We work with facilitators, organisations and governments to create collaborative environments that enable individuals to unite and thrive as part of a collective.

Facilitator Training

We offer experiential training for experienced  and emerging facilitators or those working internally within your organisation. Learn battle-tested frameworks and become a certified facilitator.

Facilitator Mentorship

Our purpose-driven one-one mentorship programmes and facilitator masterminds  help you to take your facilitation business to the next level.

Corporate Facilitation

Create harmony in collaborations by enabling the space for effective communications. Streamline the planning, designing and successful delivery of outcomes.

For Experienced Facilitators

We train and certify Facilitators in the internationally recognised Zenergy facilitation diploma.

If you’re just getting started with facilitation or already experienced, we can provide you with resources, training and certifications necessary to help build your facilitator career and achieve your goals without burnout.

Upskill as a Facilitator

Foundational tools to facilitate online and in person.

Design effective & engaging online & in person meetings.

Formalise your facilitator career with a professional facilitator certification.

Implement a facilitation framework with a 30 year track record of success.

For Experienced Facilitators

We mentor facilitators to grow as leaders & achieve their business goals.

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to facilitation and managing a business. Having been through it ourselves, we can help you avoid the common pitfalls and live a productive and sustainable life.

Book a Clarity Call

Planning, workshop designs and debriefing for your projects.

Co-facilitate with one of us and leverage your career through our experience and expertise.

Maintain your health and well-being during it all.

Business development and growth coaching.

For In-House Facilitators and Organisations

We help to design and facilitate complex projects for your organisation.

Holding complex meetings with a number of stakeholders is a significant challenge. But with the right framework and attitude, a facilitator can ensure the best ideas are heard and everyone is aligned on a common goal.

Facilitate our Project

We train your leaders in facilitation, collaboration and decision-making strategies.

We develop, design and facilitate complex corporate and government projects.

We consult, develop, plan, deliver and evaluate organisational interventions

We help groups dissolve conflict and create a path to thrive.

Start implementing powerful facilitation strategies today.

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How we work.

We use our head, heart and gut to navigate complex and challenging circumstances - and it never fails us.

We take a person centred, holistic approach to everything we do as through our experiential learnings, we’ve discovered this taps in to the whole person collective intelligence and opens up exciting new opportunities.


Using the head is great for understanding and processing the data available for our decision making and we help you to gain clarity about the essentials.


Using the heart guides us towards win-win outcomes and helps us to be aware of our impact on others.


Using the gut gives us access to our intuition that keeps us connected to what really matters.

Our Upcoming Events.

We hold a variety of events face-to-face and through online video conferences. We have a monthly facilitators mastermind and QA session, deliver intensive live and experiential online and in-person facilitator training days and facilitate events. If you’re a facilitator seeking to grow and and expand your network, say hello :)


Thriving Teams 2021

Consolidate and plan in two ½ day workshops to set your team up to thrive.

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Expert Online Meeting Facilitation - The 4 Secret Keys

Our Video Course Series is a great way to get started learning about online facilitation.

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Looking for Facilitation training, coaching or to facilitate a project?

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