We’re passionate about Collaboration and can help you level up your collaborative leadership skills or help your senior leaders to create sustainable collaborative cultures with their team or help to facilitate high-stake complex projects.

Collaborative Leadership Training

We work with senior leaders, organisations and governments to promote proactive change, help to navigate the unknown and lead complex change. We host hands-on online, hybrid & in-person training events that teach how to make collaboration stick and to become I-Can Leaders. Our training includes:

In person, Hybrid & Online Training

Through the experiential nature of our training, participants will walk away with an embodied understanding of what it means to be I - Can Leaders, that are whole person, holistically integrated collaborative leaders in a fast changing world.

Collaborative Leadership Frameworks

A proven framework tested and researched for 30+ years that you can implement today to take your leadership practice to the next level of empowering others and tripling your organsiations success.

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Zenergy Certification

An internationally recognised diploma in Facilitation linked to IAF competency standards and based on an internationally recognised framework in facilitation.

A facilitation event with multiple stakeholders.

What our Clients Say

Gareth Priday, Facilitator with Living Labs Innovation, Ethical Fields, Action Foresight

“The Zenergy course really opened my eyes to what's possible online. Creative approaches to support meaningful interactions with not much more than Zoom."

Rika Asaoka, Intercultural Business Consultant and Facilitator

"Different" which I appreciated very much. Experiential. Peer feedback in a safe environment was valuable"

Pam Bourke, Facilitator, Trainer and Corporate Consultant

"A very rewarding training experience. I learned a lot that I am already using in practice. I have completely shifted my view on online training and facilitation. Previously I thought it it was a poor alternative to Face to face. I now know that if done well it can lead to transformational outcomes."

Sarah Holcombe, Centre for Socially Responsible Mining, U Q

"Simone was a powerful and effective teacher and facilitator. I participated in her course and she was also engaged as a facilitator for a major international Zoom Forum. She was excellent at both. At the Forum she really provided a strong backbone to the structure and flow, while also ensuring that it remained dynamic and authentic. "

Ryan Ettridge, Consultant & Manager at PWC Australia

“Excellent foundational course for any leader, and consultant."

Lecturer, University of Queensland

"I think Simone's role was an endorsement as it was not just a talking head or outsourcing the work but it was facilitation in action and some training.  So learn by doing and observing."

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Collaborative Leadership Coaching

Our coaching services aim to help you succeed in your complex collaborative projects and build a network of I-Can Leaders that provide you with the things needed to take your game to the next level. Leading collaboration doesn’t have to be a lonely and tricky game.

Design, Planning & Debriefing

For those who need to facilitate a complex workshop, forum, conference, if online, hybrid or in-person , we can bring our expertise and onside support and help you to set yourself up for a successful event that creates raving fans.

Organisational Development

We help you strategically develop your organisational culture into one with sustainable collaboration that help your people and organisation to thrive.

Connect with a Co-Facilitator

You have a high profile meeting and need an experienced people oriented facilitator to help you deliver the project outcomes. We shadow coach on the job and are a strong backbone for your project that makes your event a success and creates raving employees and clients.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our corporate facilitation services can help you to deliver high stake projects and global online conferences with our unique workshop design, planning and execution frameworks & technical facilitation support for hybrid & online meetings so that you can focus on your mission and business strategy and can triple your client satisfaction ratings.

Team Development

Sometimes when your teams get stuck, it is effective to higher a neutral facilitator to help your team with the skills and processes to supercharge their collaboration effectivness.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

We help your senior leaders to bring your global teams together, improve their capabilities and create a community of practice that improves reliable high quality service and ensures organisational longevity.

SOS Days

Sometimes collaboration can get very hard and stuck. We come in and help you to navigate through the complexity of collaboration and help your delayed projects to move forward towards satisfactory solutions.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our facilitation expertise brings extensive experience in creating safe environments where diverse stakeholders can come together in a culture of power equity where they can share knowledge, create a wider understanding and make complex decisions together.

Digital Meeting Facilitation

Our technical facilitation expertise can help you with your high stake hybrid & online meetings. You focus on the content and achieving your outcomes and we help you to have an engaging and energising online meeting that makes your clients and teams feel connected just like in in-person meetings.

High-Stakes Meetings

Create harmony in collaborations by enabling the space for effective communications. Streamline the planning, designing and successful delivery of outcomes. Use one of our experienced facilitators to help you to focus on your project outcomes. You bring the WHAT and we take care of the HOW.

Projects We’re Proud Of.

We’ve worked with a number of established Global Corporate, Local and Government organisations to facilitate their community engagement, high profile workshop events and team development.

Rio Tinto

We helped the team to move from isolated assets making decisions locally to a worldwide connected team that unites under a strong umbrella of company-wide clear standards and an engaged community that learns together in implementing these standards.

BHP Foundation

Technical co-facilitation for a global online partners event with the Natural Resource Governance Project including organisations like Transparency International, Queensland University, Accountable Mining and others.

Melbourne Water

Co-facilitating, designing and planning a cross-sector online collaboration event between Local Government, Planning, Water and Development Sectors in Victoria funded by Melbourne Water.

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