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Self-Care in Post COVID - 19

How to stay healthy when gyms and massage places are closed.

It's been a few weeks now for most of us around the globe that our lives have completely changed. Our normal routines have stopped and we had to redefine what is happening, what is important to us, how we work, how we relax and how we stay fit.

In terms of self-care, the COVID - 19 lock-down meant, no Gym, no swimming, no Yoga studio, no massages, not meeting friends at dance and shows etc. etc. Well, I assume that is similar to most of us.

So what now? After a few weeks have passed and as it is now clear many more weeks like this are to come, we need to start re-thinking on how we can prioritise self-care again. Our bodies, our spirits need more than the distraction and demand of our screens and devices. So here are a few tips:

Take responsibility

Now more than ever it is up to you to organise that your body gets what it needs. Get yourself into an excercise schedule at home. Get organised and make a plan. Be creative.

Create a structure

Most of us will know that too many decisions can cause decision overload and we get tired and exhausted. So get a structure in place for your day or week that you can turn into some habits and routines where no decisions are required. For example, I get up and do 20 minutes of journaling in my morning pages, an exercise from the book: The Artist Way by Julia Cameron followed by a 20 mins meditation and then I do 30 minutes of the 21 Days Abundance Challenge by Deepak Chopra. I get up one hour early and by the time I start work, I feel present and grounded in my day. What works for you? Create a structure try it for a while and change as you need it.

From Michael Hays: Full Focus, I learnt to create a structure around my:Morning Rituals, Work Day Start-Up, 3 Goals for the day, Work Day Shut-Down and Evening Rituals

The more you can get organised upfront the less you have to decide on an ongoing basis and you have attention free for the more important decisions in your day.

Go outside

Nature is essential. Get into a habit of regular breaks and small walks outside. If you can take your laptop to the veranda, maybe that could be a good shift sometime. Look after your body's needs.

'Human'Check in with your team

When you meet for your business meetings, don't just go straight into work. Connect as human beings and share something that is going on for you. These are hard times and we benefit from being able to share that it is tough and what we experiencing. This is part of our human condition to help each other to make sense of Chaos.

Start the meeting with a round of a personal question. For example: What is happening at home since COVID - 19? What are you grateful for? Who would you like to introduce from your household who makes you smile?  Be creative; ask your staff to take turns to prepare this check in round for each meeting. Stay connected and don't forget to laugh.

Get exercise

Many Yoga studios have now online programmes. Personal Trainers are also online. Keep things simple. Maybe you have an exercise routine that you could make up to serve your needs. Be creative, decide, schedule and turn it into a habit.

Start a new Habit

Yes, there is probably no better time to start a new habit. It says it takes 21 days to change a habit so this is a good time frame to commit to. I use my calendar and tick it off every day I stuck to my habit. There are some really cool Apps now as well that help with that for example: 'Zero' - Intermited Fasting habit, '5 Minute Journal' App - To help with daily practice of Gratitude and Positive Mindset and 'Habit Tracker', which helps with creating many new habits and to keep you on track.

Get some accountability buddies who ask how you are doing with your habits. This can be a colleague or family member or friend. Support each other.

Enjoy your week. Simone

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Simone Maus is an experienced facilitator and trainer of facilitators. She has worked with experienced and emerging facilitators all over the world in government, business and community sectors. Her expertise lie within workshop design, coaching programmes and training programmes for workshop and meeting facilitators with any level of experience.

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