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Not business as usual

How to keep motivated in a pandemic where everything and everyone is slowing down.

It has been a slow day and I am wondering how the global call to stay at home is effecting our energy to focus.

One part of me thinks that I am staying at home, which means I can stop working and do the things I normally do at home, like relaxing, reading a book, spend time with my family, clean the house etc. But another part of me knows that I have to work.

So I sit in my office and try to get organised. As a business owner, I am used to working from home and to self organise my work. But this feels different and I am wondering if the collective struggle to make sense of this surreal situation is unconsciously influencing us?    

Sense making is certainly a big part of managing change and maybe we just need to account some time for that. This is not business as usual. This is new business and new opportunities that will pave the way into a new way of working.

I am personally very excited about these new opportunities. I came across this article today pretending we are in 2050 and have already made sense of the now. Here is what FRITJOF CAPRA AND HAZEL HENDERSON thoughts are on this: would love to hear other people's thoughts.      

Cheers, Simone

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Simone Maus is an experienced facilitator and trainer of facilitators. She has worked with experienced and emerging facilitators all over the world in government, business and community sectors. Her expertise lie within workshop design, coaching programmes and training programmes for workshop and meeting facilitators with any level of experience.

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